OCNA Golf-for-Women Charity Cup

- benefiting the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is a powerful voice for everyone touched by ovarian cancer. We connect survivors, women at risk, caregivers and health providers with the information and resources they need. We ensure that ovarian cancer is a priority for lawmakers and agencies in Washington, DC, and throughout the country. We help our community raise their voices on behalf of every life that has been affected by this disease.  More info at www.ovariancancer.org  Thanks for golfing to support the women in your life!

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Competition period:
      July 1-November 15

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How to Participate:
     ● Signup to register for the competition
     ● Donation Fee:  $20 minimum per team (2-person)
     ● Go play an 18-hole round at your golf club or any golf course and record your Team Net Best-Ball score (Front 9 and Back 9)
     ● Return to OCNA website or log back into Vie and enter your Team Net Best-Ball score for that round. You can enter your score from any smart phone or device for convenience. 
     ● Select the course and toughest tees played. Team Net Best-Ball score will be adjusted by course difficulty (course rating and slope) automatically to calculate your VIE Net Best-Ball Score - to compete with other qualifiers playing different courses
     ● Golfers attempting to qualify who raise the most funds in the donation category for mixed team will earn a full, all-inclusive Las Vegas Golf & Spa package without cost
     ● Tell your friends to play and support OCNA!
     ● Repeat! Signup your team to play and post a new net best-ball score as often as you like!


Prizes:   Awarded to the top 3 places in Singles Low Net Best-Ball. The OCNA Golf-for-Women Charity will be  presented to the winning individual low gross and team low net best-ball champions.



About the OCNA Golf-for-Women Charity Cup:  The tournament was inspired by countless women who experience the impact of this disease personally, and their family and friends.



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